fbpx Bone Kettle- Southeast Asian Kitchen & Bar in Old Town Pasadena
67 North Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103
Historical Roots

celebrating the past

Set in historic 100 years old Kinney-Kendall building, Bone Kettle continues the tradition of legacy-building businesses that foster ingenuity, community and innovation.

The incomparable Bella O. Kendall

Named for Bela Otis Kendall, a well-known businessman in Pasadena and one of the original founding fathers of Old Town Pasadena. The multi level historic building was designed by Seymour Locke, at the Northwest corner of Union Street and Raymond Avenue.

The spirit of Yujean Kang

Before Bone Kettle, there was the incomparable and beloved Yujean Kang empire- an iconic Pasadena Restaurant boasting one of the first progressive Chinese American cuisines in Los Angeles that operated over 20 years.

The legacy continues

Bone Kettle is an ambitious project by Chef Erwin Tjahyadi that showcases an ever-changing Southeast Asian small plates and entree menu inspired by the slow-cooked bone broth; a project aimed to bring together generations, history lovers, foodies, Pasadena natives and visitors.

the new

Pasadena Classic

Bone Kettle serves beautiful lunch and dinner menus inspired by dishes from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. Featured on the Washington Post, global journalist and TED speaker Noy Thrupkaew takes a dive into Bone Kettle’s hearty Asian comfort food with splendor.

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all about the details

designing the space

True to its minimalist inspirations, Bone Kettle is decorated with form, function and whimsy in mind. Design collaborations by Arthur Page & Alex Babich.

Case Study Planter

Modernica's Case Study Ceramics series is inspired by the prolific period immediately following WW2; high fired, hand-made, using a jiggering tool for shaping, and are finished on a potters wheel.

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Seletti Monkey Lamp

The Seletti Mid-Century Modern Monkey Lamp is one of the most intriguing lamps made in and imported from Italy. Mischievous monkeys much like monkeys in tropical jungles of Bali.

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Javanese Vintage Prints

Old archival prints of Dutch colonial periods in Java adorn the walls of Bone Kettle. Framed in brass and preserved for all to ponder and delight.

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Wegner Wishbone Chair

This iconic 1950's Wishbone design was part of a Hans Wegner series of furnitures inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Chinese Ming Dynasty chairs.

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Cleon Peterson

The Return series (2017). With an aesthetic rooted in graphic design and a style reminiscent of Greco-Roman vases, Cleon Peterson’s art depicts a world in which deviance is the norm and violence, sex, and drugs bring a hollow pleasure.


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