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Bone Kettle brings the flavors of Southeast Asia to Old Town Pasadena. Come and enjoy our flavorful bone broth, small plates, desserts and drinks in our exquisitely designed space.

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stroll on in, grab a seat, we’re ready for you.

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Krupuk w/ Sweet Fried Peanut Sauce
$ 9
Mie Goreng Pedas
$ 10
Fried Citrus Brine Jidori Wings
$ 10
Gado Gado
$ 11
Dadar Jagung w/ Sweet Coconut Chili Sauce
$ 9
Spiced Fried Oxtail Tips
$ 11
Garlic roasted canoed-cut Bone Marrow w/ Roti Prata & Thai Basil
$ 18
Prime Fillet Tar Tar w/ Garlic Onion Krupuk
$ 22
Grilled Pork Belly Satay w/ Fried Spicy Peanut Sauce
$ 16
Boneless Short Rib Rendang
$ 18
East meets West

Cooking Traditions

When Chef Erwin and his family immigrated from Indonesia over 20 years ago, his parents brought only what they could; 2 small luggage full of clothes, an English dictionary & a few Indonesian cookbooks to remind them of home. Little did he know that those cookbooks would be some of his most treasured possessions.

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The Bone Kettle Bone Broth

It’s all in the broth…

Bone Kettle’s bone broth is made using traditional cooking techniques and fresh, ingredients reflective of Asian culture, made by boiling beef tendon, feet, knuckles and marrow in filtered water with onions, garlic, ginger and a specific to Bone Kettle mix of dried spices, for 36 hours.

The Noodle

Long noodle = long life

Sourced locally in Los Angeles, Sun Noodle is a leading provider of artisan hand-torn ramen noodles. Prepared perfectly al dente, great gentle texture and incredibly compatible with our bone broth soup.

The Protein

Choose from our delectable selection of proteins…

  • Braised Ox Tails
  • Fatty Briskets
  • Jidori Chicken Breast w/ Roasted Thigh Mousseline
  • Beef Tendon & Meatballs
  • Beef Ribs
  • A9 Wagyu Fillet Mignon

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