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67 North Raymond Ave
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bone kettle

67 North Raymond Ave, Pasadena
Church Family
67 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA


*FREE 20 minutes parking in front of restaurant on Raymond, curbside pick up available upon request.

hi there

We are a family-run, family-owned operation right in the heart of Old Town Pasadena. We serve delicious selections of Southeast Asian dishes and fantastic craft wine/sake/beer selection. In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, our restaurant is currently limited to pick up and delivery only. We are available on Caviar and Doordash.

We open Tuesdays – Sundays, from Noon to 8pm. Call ahead to place your order or for any questions.

Delivery by Caviar

This Week's Specials

Javanese Fried Whole Chicken – $28

Ube Cheesecake – $35/whole pie


Family Feast Packages

Lobster feast – $45/pp (min 4)

Beef Ribs feast – $40/pp (min 4)

Vegetarian feast – $35/pp (min 4)

Feast Packages

Our warmest thanks

Your support for our small business is pivotal for our survival. Every dollar spent from now will be dedicated to sustaining fixed operational costs & employee costs during our recovery. We thank you for your kind generosity & support. #saverestaurants

Call us to order- 626.795.5702

For To-go Pick Up Orders. We offer Free Bike Delivery for orders of $100 or higher. Call us to inquire service, pending availabilities. Maximum 3 miles radius from Bone Kettle. Cash tips highly appreciated.


Krupuk w/ Peanut Sauce  8

Indonesian garlic chips, homemade peanut sauce. (v)

Crispy Brussel Sprouts  12

Citrus soy vinaigrette, roasted pine nuts, pomegranate seed. (v)

Chicken Wings  11

Fried citrus-brined free-range Pataloma chicken wings, charred lime, kecap manis, Thai chili.

Featured Sake Pairing

Miyasaka Yawarakai Junmai  33

Sake sale proceeds will go towards supporting our service staff fund. Thank you!

Baby Bok Choy  9

Sautéed shallots, butter, Fresno peppers, garlic chips. (v)

Chicken Satay  14

Grilled marinated chicken thighs, peanut sauce, kecap manis, pomegranate, pickled onion, cucumbers.

Fried Oxtail Tips  16

Marbled potato chips, lime juice, fresh herbs, Thai chili.

Spicy Papaya Salad  12

Green papaya, mangoes, tomatoes, chili, cilantro, green beans, peanuts, tobiko, shrimps,garlic chips

Oxtail Dumplings  13

Oxtail, seasonal mushrooms, leeks, sesame seeds, San Bai Su

Beef Kroket  10

Hoisin aioli

Mapo Tofu Fries  13

Twice-fried Kennebec potatoes, ground beef, tofu, chives.

Fried Cauliflowers  12

Coconut lime aioli, roasted pinoli, savory shredded pork floss, cilantro, Thai basil.

Sisig  14

Crispy pork belly, lime juice, Thai chili, egg. (gf)

Bird n’ Waffles  21

Pandan Waffles, Maple Honey Sauce & a choice of fried duck OR fried chicken w/ spicy butter


(v) vegetarian …… (gf) gluten-free

Papa’s Lunch Special (12pm-3pm)       15

Nasi Goreng w/ Egg, side (chicken satay or bok choy) & lychee dragonfruit lemonade.

the broth

Bone Kettle’s bone broth is made using time-honored cooking techniques and fresh, ingredients reflective of Southeast Asian traditions, made by boiling beef in filtered water with onions, garlic, ginger and a specific to Bone Kettle mix of dried spices, for 36 hours.

Prime Top Sirloin                                15
Ginger seared Chicken                      16
Prime Fatty Brisket                            19
St Helen’s Braised Ox Tails               25
Crispy Tempeh                                      15

w/ seasonal vegetables & mushroom dashi broth (v), gluten-free substitution of rice available.  Broth only 20 oz (7). Broth, noodles, veg only (9).

Large Plates

Nasi Goreng  14

Indonesian fried rice, eggs, green onions, chicken chicharrón gremolata, Nam Pla. Protein add-ons include- Hanger Steak (12), Pork Belly (7), Crab (7), Chicken (6), Sweet Sausages (6).

Rendang Carbonara  20

24hr braised short ribs, fried shallots, cilantro, parmesan cheese, Fresno chili, noodles, bacon.

Dan Dan Noodles  18

Plant base meat sauce, Okinawa soba noodle, pickled cucumber, fried shallots, cilantro

Black Pepper Veggie Stirfry   17

Sautéed seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, Okinawan soba noodles, black pepper sauce. Add protein- Rock shrimp (8), Pork Belly (7), Blue Crab (7), Chicken (6), Sweet Sausages (6)

Beef Ribs  51

Bone marrow jus, friedshallots, scallions. Chef’s Specialties.


Jasmine White Rice     3
Garlic Krupuk Chips     4
Sauteed Mushrooms     8
Twice-fried fries     5
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables    7
Bone Marrow    11
Pandan Waffle    5

Komodo Specials

The Original Phorrito   14

Chef Erwin’s World Famous Pho in a burrito, a Komodo classic. As seen on Buzzfeed, Vice, Foodbeast and Insider

Mie Goreng Ramen Burrito   12

Indonesian mie goreng stir-fry noodles, Chinese sausages, egg, onions- in a burrito

Char Kway Teow   18

Malaysian stir fried rice noodles w/ Shrimp & Sweet Sausages

Truffle Parmesan Fries   7


Black Sesame or Pandan Panna Cotta      5
Cassava Cake w/ Ube Ice Cream      9
Jackfruit Turon w/ Banana Pudding      11
Homemade Ube Cookie      3.5

Cocktails to-go

Calamansi Margarita      9
Papa’s Rum Punch      9
Mandarin Sour     9
Yujean’s Elixir Old Fashioned    9
Bone Kettle Sangria    9

10 oz

*32 oz available for $29

Cold Sake Specials

$43 / bottle
Tedorigawa Silver Mountain Organic Junmai

Classic yamahai junmai, dry, sharp & smooth all in one

Dewazakura Cherry Bouquet Ginjo

Blend of flower blossoms, peach, radish, spring water

Tedorigawa Gold Blossom Daiginjo

Floral, lemon, green apple, lemon custard tones

Kamoizumi Summer Snow Nigori

Rich, creamy, exuberant natural flavors

Kamoizumi Umelicious Umeshu

Green plums, vibrant honey flavors

Wine Specials

$33 / bottle
Domaine de la Mongestine Sauvignon blanc

Wet Grass, Papaya, Lime

Alta Alella Pansa Blanca

Apple, citrus, white flowers

Meinklang ‘Mulatschak’ Orange

Dry, citrus zest, herbs, stonefruit

La Closerie des lys Rosé

Crisp, strawberries, black currant

Belle Pente Pinot Noir

Black cherries, black currant, spice

Costieres Des Nimes Grenache Syrah blend

Blackberry pip, plum, burnt oak, espresso

Chateau Chavrignac Bordeaux

Medium bodied, berries, plum, cedar

$43 / bottle
Preston Sauvignon Blanc

Mango Pit, Meyer Lemons, Spice

Francois Le Saint Sancerre

Green apple, pear, lemon peel, river rocks

Macon La Roche Chardonnay

Fresh pear, lemon curd, all spice

Elqui Syrah Malbec Red Blend

Black cherry, mocha, mint

Obsidian Cabarnet Sauvignon

Blackberry, Dark Chocolate, Coffee

Chroma Cabarnet Sauvignon

Black Plums, Sweet Spice, cherries

Fundraising for our team

We employ an incredible group of hard working, resilient, honest employees who live and breathe the service business and love what they do. They are mothers, fathers, uncles, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, friends, most of all they are intrinsic reasons why the business has sustained and thrived. All of our employees rely on the restaurant sales/income as their primary source of survival, so when we had to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic was made, it was devastating for the entire team.

With that said, we were inspired to start this GoFundMe page to let our community know that we are still standing and you can help our invaluable service staff directly/show them your love.   Thank you for your generosity.

Contribute Today

Only in Old Pas

Supporting our neighbors in Old Town Pasadena #supportsmallbusiness



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